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Farm Succession

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

this is our first farm email of the year. We’d like to wish you all good health and a happy new year. 2021 is shaping up to be momentous year here at Clayfield Farm.

As you probably know we have welcomed a new farm family to Clayfield Farm. They are Gina Morra, David Noriega, and their two-year-old daughter Andes. They are here now, all moved in at 49 Clayfield Road, and we are all very excited about the changes taking place and about how well everything is going. It seems like a match made in heaven.

Gina turned out to be an absolute genius on the computer. She overhauled the Clayfield Farm website with a crow bar and it is a delight.

David is able to leap tall buildings with a single bound, endless energy, a farmer through and through. He and Gina are movers and shakers. Andes has completely fallen in love with the two collies, especially the young one, Sage. Andes also has endless energy and wants to touch everything. Layla tolerates her prodding and poking.

But don’t you believe that Deborah and I are going to just put our feet up and stay on the couch. We’ll be out on the farm. We’re not going to Florida. We’ll be right here. The farming life suits us and feeding people gives purpose to our lives.

David and Gina are making some innovative changes with the business. They will be opening a CSA here in East Blue Hill. This first year, the CSA will be limited to a small number of customers, so if you are interested you’d better jump. To participate in this Community Supported Agriculture, click here.

To all our past customers, our loyal, trustworthy, faithful customers, never fear. You are grandfathered in.

You like having fresh vegetables delivered to your door? Who doesn’t?

This will continue as usual. We’ll let you know when the first crops come in.

Meanwhile, check out the new website.

See you in the spring,

Phil and Deborah

Clayfield Farm PO Box 17 East Blue Hill ME 04629 207 374-2159

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