• Phil Norris


    Phil got bit by the gardening bug when he was sixteen and went on to get a degree in Plant Science. He worked as a house carpenter and then as a boat builder before moving to Blue Hill and going into business as a piano tuner. In 2001 he became the town tree warden. He's a historian, an arborist, an orchardist, a folk DJ on WERU, and a farmer. 

  • Deborah Wiggs


    Deborah is a serious cook and dog lover. She loves to dance and sing. She has the greenest of thumbs and produces thousands of seedlings for the farm every spring. She has moved away from vegetable growing in the last few years in favor of flower growing and has always been a talented bouquet artist.

  • David Noriega


    Born and raised in Long Island, NY, David began farming at 19 years old. Shortly after reading “Living the Good Life” he started gardening in his parents backyard and then went on to working and managing CSA farms for many years, most recently managing Frith Farm in Scarborough, Maine. David is grateful to be farming here at Clayfield and excited to grow healthy food for people to enjoy. When he's not on the farm, he's ether playing music, fixing/building something, exploring the woods or spending time with his daughter. David and Gina are new to Clayfield Farm this season as Phil and Deborahs' successors!  (Read about that here.)

  • Gina Morra


     Also born and raised on Long Island, Gina is the newest crew member to farming. Her interest was piqued as she became more aware of how food affected her health and she used organic, local food to help heal. In addition to farming part-time, Gina is a mother, yoga teacher, yoga retreat leader, and wellness junkie who makes and sells organic skincare products!  She also works on the marketing and behind-the-scenes efforts for Clayfield Farm. David and Gina are new to Clayfield farm this season as Phil and Deborah's successors! (Read about that here.)

  • Sarah Juster

    Sarah came to apprentice and live on the farm in 2018 and has changed everyone she touched. We hope she remains in our lives forever.

  • Andes Noriega


    Daughter of David and Gina, Andes has been barefoot in the dirt since birth and prefers being outside. She sometimes won't eat cooked veggies, but will harvest her own raw carrot or radish. She certainly takes after her namesake, the mountains of Ecuador, with her big personality and tough exterior. On the inside, however, Andes is a lover of all beings. Be prepared to be her new best friend. 

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