The Beginning

Phil and Deborah started Clayfield Farm quite literally from the ground up. In the early 90s, they turned a tree forest into a food forest, built a house, farm structures and the soil. The farm bears its name from the nutrient-rich clay soil it was built upon. Over the years they have added drainage, tons of organic matter and a lot of love to the soil, making it what it is today. Phil and Deborah have always understood the importance of farming organically and have provided the Blue Hill community with nutritious, local food since the birth of Clayfield Farm.


Almost 30 years later, they’re still farming strong. Deborah has developed a thriving flower business, selling bouquets at the Blue Hill Summer Farmer’s Market and the Co-op. Phil has developed a popular lettuce mix, called 20V, which is 20 varieties of lettuce, harvested fresh and pre-packaged making it a convenient crowd pleaser for salad lovers all over the peninsula. They are excited to share their knowledge with their successors, David and Gina. 

What the Future Holds

As Phil and Deborah welcome David and Gina onto Clayfield Farm, there will be some noticeable changes in farm practices. With seven years of farming experience, David has seen both large-scale, tillage based practices and small-scale, no-till regenerative methods. He believes the no-till model truly aligns with how nature works: keeping the soil planted and covered at all times and disturbing the soil as little as possible. The farm will always be maintained organically, as Phil and Deborah have done since the beginning. 


We acknowledge the Earth as a living organism. By farming with a holistic approach we strive to create a fertile, biodiverse and resilient farm that will build soil and feed future generations. The entirety of Clayfield will be transitioning to these practices over the next few years. For those who are interested in learning more about our practices, please reach out with any questions. We also hope to hold farm tours in the near future.