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Thank you for your interest in working at Clayfield Farm.

We are seeking hard-working, seasonal apprentices who are interested in learning the ins and outs of farming, homesteading or any part of agriculture. We believe the skills you learn on a small-scale market garden can bring success to any area of stewarding the land!

This apprenticeship is a work exchange for housing, food, and other perks you can read about below. Although it is unpaid, we look to give an end-of-the-year bonus based off the farm's income. We are also working towards hiring full-time employees in the near future. Our hope is to find an apprentice who wants to start and grow with the farm for a while.

The farm is truly one-of-a-kind— nestled in the tranquil woods but minutes from the coast. Deborah and Phil have hosted apprentices since 2003 and are excited to see the farm grow so much this year. With the addition of a young family taking over and new outlets for sales, the farm is exploding with new energy. Grow with us! 

Please see below for all the info!



Clayfield Farm is looking for individuals who can commit to an entire farm season and all three days (Tues-Thurs) of work per week. (There is an opportunity for long term stay for the right candidate!) There is no farm experience necessary. Individuals must have desire to learn about tending the land in some manner. They must be a team player but also enjoy working alone. Farming days can be spent working alongside someone for hours in a washhouse or harvesting in the field solo. Apprentice candidate must also be ok with working in all weather (March-May can get very cold in Maine!), including high heat of summer days and in the pouring rain (farm gear suggestions will be given). *Must also be able to lift heavy crates. This a production farm- we sell to customers, the local food Co-op and possibly a farmer’s market or farm stand.


We are looking for someone who can start in March and stay through November of 2022. Work hours for March-April are more like 1-2 days/week but change to 3 days per week in May. Will consider someone who can not start until May. 



In the Field: Crop planning, interplanting, companion planting, cover cropping, no-till & regenerative practices, compost making, seed saving, plant identification and more. You will also have exposure to knowledgeable elders who started the farm and are still actively working. 


Animals: Raising chickens for meat and eggs and learning to process chickens for meat


Extras: Orcharding, tree felling, learning about and helping with the CSA and possibly farmer's market if interested, being part of a small farm and small town community and if projects arise there could be some building and woodworking!



The apprentices get a cabin or yurt on the farm property to live in, firewood for their wood stove, have access to all the food that the farm produces and receive a farm family lunch on workdays. We also plan to offer weekly yoga. 


The apprentice is free to seek other employment the rest of the week for income. There are a few options that previous apprentices have taken advantage of, and the town has many work opportunities especially during peak tourist season like, landscaping, baby-sitting, working at the Blue Hill Co-op, doing handy work, gardening, etc.




March 1st-Dec 1st


7a-4p (less days/hours in off-season)


This includes learning about and helping set-up and run the weekly CSA pick-up  


On really hot days the crew likes to hop in the farm truck and drive to the cove for a swim!

There are two farm Collies and one farm toddler who help and show love throughout the day. :)

Other important things to note:

-Apprentices will be responsible for their own electric and propane (ranges between $20-35/month)

-There is no bathroom inside the apprentice housing- only outhouses. But each building is private, secluded and each outhouse is also separate from the other. You will have your own private space.

-The running water inside each apprentice house is from rain water catchment, so it is not drinkable- only for washing dishes.

-There will be access to drinkable, filtered water.

-Showers may be taken at the gym in town (the YMCA) and memberships may be provided by the farm (will discuss details). Also there is an outdoor shower on property that is available starting June 1st. 

-Wifi is NOT available in the apprentice housing, but it is available at Deborah and Phils house on property. Apprentice can access by sitting at the tables provided outdoors. But in colder months, wifi can be accessed at the library, inside or by sitting outside in the car. There is also access at the food Co-op and cafes in Ellsworth nearby. 

-Cell service comes in enough for texts and calls, but internet is slow unless in wifi.

-Don't hesitate with any questions! 

Check out the previous apprentices below and see what they're up to now. 



Email Gina for Inquiries