Thank you for your interest in working at Clayfield Farm.

We offer a one year apprenticeship for young men and women.  Our apprentices live on the farm and participate in the farm work three days a week. In exchange for labor the apprentice learns the basics of organic farming, orcharding, arboriculture, animal husbandry, woodworking, masonry and a variety of other skills. The apprentice gets a cabin to live in, firewood for their wood stove and has access to all the food that the farm produces. The apprentice is free to seek other employment the rest of the week.

We've been hosting apprentices since 2003 and most of them have stayed for a couple of years. Check them out below and see what they're up to now.



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Positions available for Spring 2021

  • The Yurt!

    Built in the 80s by Deborah's best friend who still occupies a cabin on the adjoining property. This is one of the two apprentice homes offered. The other is a secluded cabin deeper in the woods with a loft. 

  • Nico Lustig

    Nico was our first apprentice in 2003 and stayed with us for three and a half years! Nico helped build the apprentice cabin with Phil. These days Nico is a food policy lawyer. 

  • Nathan Ball

    Nathan was an apprentice for over two years. He arrived as a shy young man and left with many real world skills. Nathan is currently furniture maker outside Portland, ME.

  • Jeff Bouthot

    Jeff joined us in 2009 and stayed for two years. He graced the farm with a hop arbor which still stands today. Jeff is a baker and gardener in Missoula Montana.

  • Andrew Gervais

    Andrew came in 2011. He is a successful carpenter in the Blue Hill community.

  • Liz Janson

    Liz was also here in 2011, at a time when we really needed help! Liz saved that season. These days Liz is a mother of two also living in the BH community.

  • Katherine Cresswell

    Katherine stayed on the farm for two years. On her off time, she set up a mobile pizza business using a wood fire oven that she built herself! Katherine is running a successful farm with her husband, Spencer in Clark Fork, ID. 

  • Spencer Nietmann

    Husband of Katherine, these two came as friends and left as a couple! He landed here after riding his bike across the country. These days he's on his own farm in Idaho with Katherine.

  • Eran Rhodes & Stephanie Zell

    Eron and Stephanie were apprentices as a couple for two years in 2013. They were a big help in building our movable high tunnel. 

  • Anna Goff

    Anna was with the farm in 2015. She was a marvel with a shovel and the best at turning compost. Anna is still farming in Deer Isle. 

  • Julia Hederstrom

    Julia was our apprentice for 2015 as well. She also saved us when we needed someone last minute and proved to be a very hard worker. 

  • Julia Leach & David Doody

    Julia, her partner David and their dog, Lupine joined us in 2015 for one season. They helped build the wash house and you can find her name in the concrete floor! Julia and David are raising a child in Missoula, Montana.

  • Fiona Schubeck & Sarah Ambrose

    Fiona and Sarah arrived as a couple and stayed one whole year, from late 2016 until late 2017. This was their first year back in their hometown after living in Seattle. These days they are raising a daughter in the Blue Hill Community.

  • Sarah Juster

    Sarah showed up in 2017, stayed almost four years until 2020! She was with us the longest and has brought us so much joy and yoga. Sarah is a Sivinanda yoga teacher and is still teaching the farm crew weekly even after stepping down from her apprenticeship. Unfortunately for us, she is moving on to finish school and plans to continue her travels to Tanzania where she practices social work. We have grown to be family and look forward to her being part of our lives forever.

  • Haleigh Paquette

    Haleigh came to us directly from COA, College of the Atlantic, as a new graduate. She was with us in 2016 and came BACK in 2020 and adored living in the yurt. 

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